Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can the Coloritable be used?

It is recommended from the age of 3, however any child who can walk can use it under adult supervision.

Are the markers included with the Coloritable?

Yes, when you buy a Coloritable, a set of 8 markers is included.

Are delivery costs included?

We offer home or relay point deliveries. They are offered from €139 in Metropolitan France. We also deliver all over the world.

What are the dimensions of the Coloritable?

Height 40cm
Tray 60 x 60 cm
Weight 8kg

Is the Coloritable easy to assemble?

Absolutely !
It is delivered to you flat with 12 screws.
In a few minutes, you’re done!

How do I clean the Coloritable?

The Coloritable is erasable with water if the right markers are used. That is to say, water-based and ultra-erasable markers. If other markers are used and they leave marks, you can use household products. We can recommend Marseille soap.

Is it possible to use markers other than those sold with the Coloritable?

We advise you to use our markers but it is possible to use other markers. They must be water-based and ultra-erasable.

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